BIG HEART Community

We are blessed to have so many great supporters, and we call them our  BIG HEART Community™. It consists of people, municipalities, organizations and companies that share the vision and values of the Kristoffer Larsen BIG HEART Memorial Foundation:

Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death in Youth
While Honoring the Memory of Kristoffer

Our BIG HEART Community cares about cardiac health in youth and supports efforts to:

Heart with people holding up a smaller heart

Raise Awareness

about Sudden Cardiac Death in youth

Heart with heart beat graph across it

Proactive Prevention

i.e. Cardiac Screening

Reactive Prevention

i.e. AED Programs

Heart with magnifying glass to represent research in sudden cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac death

Conduct Research

on Sudden Cardiac Death in youth

Our BIG HEART Community strives to be caring and generous!

Our BIG HEART Community works hard for what we believe in and we give it our best!

BIG HEART Community Award

The BIG HEART Community award recognizes cities or municipalities who have proven to align with the vision and values of the Kristoffer Larsen BIG HEART Memorial Foundation:

Heart with EKG heart rate graph lines representing a heart beat.

A community that takes youths’ heart health seriously and supports initiatives to proactively prevent sudden cardiac deaths in youth

Heart with people holding up a smaller heart

A caring and generous community

Heart with two hands holding out a smaller heart

A community where hard work and dedication is valued

2018 BIG HEART Community Award Winner

The Kristoffer Larsen BIG HEART Memorial Foundation  is pleased to announce the selection of the City of Geneva, IL for reception of the 2018.

“The Kristoffer Larsen BIG HEART Memorial Foundation was established in April 2017 with the vision of preventing sudden cardiac death in youth. The foundation is in honor of our son Kristoffer, who was 22 years old when he passed away from an undetected heart condition in May 2016. From the onset, the Geneva community has shown their big heart in supporting the foundation’s vision. With the help of the City of Geneva, Geneva High School (GHS), and our generous sponsors among others local organizations including 100 Woman Who Care (Geneva), Geneva Community Chest, Northwestern Memorial Foundation, and the Shodeen Family Foundation, we have established a platform to fund and support a FREE and recurring cardiac screening program at GHS. We are also grateful for the numerous private donations and the 150 volunteers who have helped in making the heart screening a reality.  We are very proud to present this award to City of Geneva!” said Tormod Larsen, the co-Founder of the Kristoffer Larsen BIG HEART Memorial Foundation.

Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns, who accepted the award on behalf of the City, said “The City of Geneva is honored to be recognized by Mr. Larsen and his team at the Kristoffer Larsen Big Heart Memorial Foundation. The number of organizations and individuals coming together to support this important teen health screening is consistent with Geneva’s history of jumping into action and driving change to enhance our community.”

The 2018 award was a glass mosaic made by local artist Danielle Dobies.