Why Donate to Kristoffer BIG HEART Memorial Foundation?

With help from your donation, we believe that sudden cardiac deaths (SCD) in youth can be prevented by:

Heart with EKG heart rate graph lines representing a heart beat.

Proactive and large scale cardiac screenings of youth

Heart with magnifying glass to represent research in sudden cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac death

Research on the underlying conditions leading to SCD and potentially the cure of these

Heart with Lightning bolt in center

Preparedness for appropriate reactive actions in case of a sudden cardiac arrest event including training and placement of AED’s

Heart with people holding up a smaller heart

SCD awareness campaigns

The Kristoffer Larsen BIG HEART Memorial Foundation help funds initiatives that aligns with these believes. We helped fund the 2018 Cardiac Screening at Geneva High School where 1488 students were tested and 7 were determined to have abnormal EKG’s. The goal is to make this a recurring program. Currently, we are in discussions with several schools and universities to help them establish such programs as well. In January of 2018, we met with the IHSA (Illinois High School Association) and it initiated an effort to develop a statewide SCD prevention program.