BIG phone issues…What about your HEART?

Have you ever experienced your smart phone suddenly stopping working? What if that was your heart? Watch this movie to learn more about the Kristoffer Larsen BIG HEART Memorial Foundation and what we are doing to prevent young hearts from suddenly stopping beating.

BIG HEART Community: How to Get Involved

We would love your help and support. Please get in touch to learn how you can make a difference and be part of our great community. As a non for profit, we need volunteers, donors, sponsors, in-kind services, endorsements, support to help raise awareness. Please watch this movie to learn about why and how to get involved!


What is a ECG?   What is a EKG?
Watch this movie to learn more about cardiac screenings for youth.

Your BIG HEARTbeat

Sometimes it is more obvious that your heart is beating with a rhythm. As a kid, toddler, and young adult – you are taking it for granted…. Your heart rhythm can change suddenly! Help us prevent that from happening!

BIG HEART Get Screened

Learn more about why Jon Dorenbos supports preventative heart screenings to protect the 1 in 300 youth at risk for sudden cardiac arrest. Thank you!